New York City Street Style


White shirt // Embroidered skirt // Ray Ban Sunglasses // Heels // Earrings and handbag: Chanel // Michele Watch

Happy Thursday loves! Time seems to just be flying by here in New York City! Yesterday I felt like I was in Florida with how hot it was… It’s been nearly 90 degrees these last couple of days! My sister and I walked around the city yesterday afternoon and I had to stop for an iced coffee half way through because I was panting, ha-ha. I have been on the hunt for a cute pair of espadrilles, but didn’t find any yesterday πŸ™ . I am hoping to find a cute pair before my trip is over though!

I started out my day at Soul Cycle with my family! For those of you who have never heard of Soul Cycle, it is an amazing cycling experience. The instructors are so energetic and inspiring! We then spent the day in shopping in Soho. I stopped by my favorite macaroon shop, which I always look forward to when I visit Manhattan. My family and I went to an amazing Mexican restaurant last night. I always love a good margarita and some guacamole πŸ˜‰ . I always forget what a light weight I am when it comes to tequila, ha-ha. One drink in and I’m seeing double πŸ˜‰ . It’s always really special when my family gets together because it doesn’t happen as often anymore, now with everybody’s hectic schedules. I’m definitely soaking up this special time with all of my sisters.

Tomorrow my sister and I are spending the day with one of our sorority sisters who now lives in the city. I haven’t seen her in over a year so I am so excited! We’ll probably do some more shopping and go for brunch πŸ™‚ .

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


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Pastel Pink and Polka Dots




Polka Dot Dress // Heels // Handbag // Sunglasses // Earrings // Bangles //

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am currently writing to you from New York City! My oldest stepsister graduated from NYU and received her Masters Degree in speech pathology. The ceremony was held this afternoon at Radio City Music Hall πŸ™‚ . The weather here has been absolutely perfect! There is no humidity, which is something I always hate about living in Florida. It always messes up my hair πŸ˜‰ . I already got some shopping in, (shocker I know πŸ˜‰ ), but if you’re going to spend money, New York is the place to do it. I love having a wide selection of stores all at my fingertips.

I also started my summer classes yesterday. I know I tend to over analyze things and stress myself out for no reason, but I just felt overwhelmed starting my classes while on vacation. I’m enrolled in a film course this summer and I am required to watch different movies each week. The first on my list was Casablanca, which I made my boyfriend watch with me, ha-ha. It wasn’t bad, but it was in black and white which is definitely hard to get used to. I am going to try to fit in another movie tonight so that I can stay on track.

Okay, so now let’s talk about the dress in today’s post. Polka dots and pink… Need I say more? πŸ˜‰ The minute I saw this dress I just knew I had to have it. I love how feminine it looks and how it incorporates the cold shoulder trend. It also comes in a gorgeous navy color for those of you who aren’t pink fans! I also love how easily it can be dressed up or down depending on what you are doing. I wore it for date night a few weeks ago, but I also think it would make a great casual look with a pair of sandals.

Well I’m off to go watch that movie.. Wish me luck, ha-ha.



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Casual Weekend Wear…




Leggings // T-shirt // Sneakers // Sunglasses // David Yurman Bracelet // Backpack: Louis Vuitton; similar & less expensive here

I cannot believe it, but I realized that this is the first time I have worn sneakers on the blog! I am usually always in heels if you couldn’t already tell πŸ˜‰ . I need all the help in the height department that I can get! A common trend in the fashion and blogging world as of late has been athleisure.Β  Athleisure refers to clothing that is designed to be worn not only to the gym but to other places as well. There are so many amazing brands that design high-end workout clothes that are just as cute to wear out to lunch with your friends!

IΒ  have been loving this trend because I now have an excuse for not always having to get all dolled up, ha-ha. Sometimes it’s nice to go out on the weekend in a comfortable, yet stylish outfit. Lululemon was probably the first brand that I began to notice was taking part in the athleisure trend. I see so many people wear their clothing while they are out and about and its always super cute! However, Lululemon does come with a high price tag so it doesn’t always cater to everyone’s lifestyle.

That brings me to my next topic… I found an amazing brand that sells workout clothes for a reasonable price! The leggings I am wearing in today’s post are by the brand Zella. All of Zella’s clothing can be found on Nordstrom πŸ™‚ . I think these leggings are just as comfortable as my Lululemon one’s and are very high quality. They also don’t pill which is really nice. These leggings are called the “Live in leggings” and if I could live in them 24/7 I would πŸ˜‰ . This style is high-waisted and I would compare them to Lululemon’s Wunder Under leggings. They also come in a bunch of fun colors and I am really craving the pink! (Shocker I know πŸ˜‰ ) . I also have other Zella leggings that aren’t high-waisted and I absolutely love them.

These Nike sneakers are also a favorite of mine. My grandpa bought them for me for my birthday last year and I loved them so much that I purchased them for myself in black as well! They seriously feel like you are walking on a cloud, and with the amount of times I’m in heels, my feet definitely could use some comfy sneakers. They’re also really lightweight which is nice when I’m out all day. I really want to get a third pair of these sneakers in a color that would be fun for summer πŸ™‚ .

What are some of your favorite athleisure brands?!

I’d love to know in the comments below!



5 Random Things You May Not Know About Me








Eyelet Dress // Wedges // Bracelets // Earrings are last season; similar here // Bag: Chanel

Happy Thursday everyone! I love being able to say that, because that means the weekend is right around the corner πŸ™‚ . This week I finished up my spring semester so it feels nice to have that out of the way! I still have a few courses to take over summer but they shouldn’t be too bad, and then I graduate in December! I thought I’d try something different in today’s post and share five random facts about myself that you may not know about me! So, lets hop to it πŸ™‚ .

#1: I am usually always cold

Okay, so this may sound really strange considering I live in the sunshine state, but my body temperature has always been on the colder side. Part of that may be because I’m petite, but I always sleep in pants, long sleeves, and socks, ha-ha. I know you must be thinking I’m crazy but it’s how I’ve always been! When my sister comes home we run into trouble because she likes the air on high and I’m always freezing! I always make sure to bring a jean jacket with me or a light sweater when I go out because most likely I always end up needing one.

#2: I have a minor case of OCD

I would say that for the most part I’m a pretty organized person and I definitely like everything to have a place. I think my OCD really kicks in when it comes to my alarm clock. I continue to have this fear that my alarm won’t go off in the morning, so I check my phone at least 10 times before I go to bed to make sure it’s set! I know this sounds absurd, but this is my OCD, ha-ha.

#3: I’ve never broken any bones (knock on wood πŸ˜‰ )

I have been fortunate enough that I have never broken any bones. I sprained my ankle one year at summer camp, but that’s about as Grey’s Anatomy as it got πŸ˜‰ . My mom even bought me a build-a-bear when I got home from camp that day because she felt so bad! I wonder what she would have bought me if I actually broke a bone? πŸ˜‰

#4: I’m a hopeless romantic

This one is kind of embarrassing for me to admit, but I always like to be genuine with you all, and part of that is sharing bits and pieces about myself! I don’t know if it’s because I read too many romance novels (and I don’t mean Fifty Shades of Grey, ha-ha) or if it’s just the way I’m wired, but I have always been someone who wants to find love. Call me a typical girl if you must, but I believe true love does exist and it only takes one person to make that happen. My sister on the other hand doesn’t even like to cuddle, so I don’t know how we’re even related!

#5: There’s a part of me that’s shy

Many people who know me well would disagree with this statement, but I would initially describe myself as having a shy personality. Sometimes I get intimidated and want to stay in my shell instead of putting myself out there. I definitely have come out of my comfort zone these last few years, and part of that I owe to working at Kate Spade. I remember when I first began working there it was hard for me to approach customers right away. Now, over two years later, I have no problem engaging in conversation with customers and asking them questions πŸ™‚ . It’s amazing what a little time can do!

Here’s to a wonderful Friday and a great weekend to follow!

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog…



Orange You Glad it’s Spring?











Orange top // White denim // Wedges (obsessed!) // Handbag (fruit scarf was purchased at Nordstrom Rack)Β  // Sunglasses // Bracelets // Earrings: Chanel

I think spring is truly one of my favorite seasons when it comes to my wardrobe. I love buying clothes in different hues and adding fun and unique accessories to each of my outfits. I hardly ever wear clothing in the color orange, but when I saw this top I knew it would be such a fun piece for the upcoming spring and summer months! I love that it’s a bit cropped because it looks perfect paired with high-wasted jeans like I have on in today’s post. I also am in love with the sleeves! If you have been following my blog for a while you may notice I have a thing for pretty bell sleeves πŸ™‚ . I also love the beautiful embroidery on the sleeves as well! They give me all the heart eyes! I also think that pairing orange and white together really makes the orange pop.

Okay, so if you follow a lot of fashion bloggers you may have seen this Cult Gaia bag quite a bit. This handbag is really unique because it is made of bamboo! I went back and forth about this bag for a few months before I pulled the trigger and bought one for myself! I typically always gravitate toward large bags (and by large I mean bags that are probably bigger than me, ha-ha), so I really wasn’t sure how often I would wear this bag. However, I really wanted a small bag I could wear out to dinner this spring and summer that would make a great addition to many of my outfits. I’m also going to New York in a few weeks and I knew this bag would be absolutely perfect! When I was in Aspen I saw it sitting in a shop window and was actually going to buy it right then and there, but they were closed πŸ™ . I had a hard time tracking it down once I returned home, but was able to find one by calling multiple Club Monaco stores πŸ™‚ . I also saw the fruit scarf that I have tied around the handle while I was at Nordstrom Rack and I love how it looks! I may even get a few more different scarfs to switch up the look of the bag depending on my outfit πŸ™‚ .

I also started my first day of work today at Pure Barre. You may have heard me mention before that I work out there regularly and you can read my full review of the workout in this post! I was so excited when the manager asked me if I’d like to be a barretender! (Basically this is just a cute name for being in charge of the front desk and other duties around the studio πŸ™‚ ) . I have to be up early for this job, which will be hard because I am by no means a morning person, ha-ha, but I am truly looking forward to it! Hopefully a few extra cups of coffee will do the trick πŸ˜‰ .

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your week!


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