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    1. What are the general electric tools?

      What are the general electric tools?
      Time: 2022.08.26 Editor: Yuhuan Lianyi Machinery Co., Ltd. Click:

      Electric tools mainly include electric drill, electric hammer, impact drill, curve saw, angle grinder, dolomite machine, electric circular saw, cutting machine, electric planer, grinding machine and its related accessories.

      Electric drill

      Tools for drilling metal materials and plastics. When equipped with forward and reverse switches and electronic speed regulating devices, it can be used as an electric screwdriver. Some models are equipped with rechargeable batteries, which can work normally without external power supply within a certain period of time.

      Electric hammer

      Electric tools for drilling bricks, concrete, artificial or natural stones, etc. the functions of electric drill and electric hammer can be interchanged. Sds-plus drill chuck and drill bit are widely used for light drills, and sds-max chuck and drill bit are used for medium and heavy hammer drills, and chisels can be clamped.

      Percussion drill

      It is mainly used as an electric tool for drilling hard materials such as masonry and concrete. When the impact mechanism is closed, it can also be used as an ordinary electric drill.

      Jig Saw

      It is mainly used for cutting steel, wood, plastic and other materials. The saw blade moves up and down or swings. It is most suitable for cutting accurate straight lines or curves.

      Angle grinder

      It is mainly used for grinding steel and stone. The commonly used grinding disc diameters are 100mm, 125mm, 180mm and 230mm.

      Dolomite machine

      Generally, the stone is cut, and dry or wet cutting can be selected. The commonly used saw blades are: dry saw blade, wet saw blade and dry wet dual-purpose saw blade. Home decoration is used for cutting wall and floor tiles.

      cutting machine

      It is mainly used for cutting aluminum and wood at different angles. When using, pay attention to tightening the saw blade and wear goggles.

      Eletirc planer

      Electric planer is an electric tool with rotating cutter shaft, which is mainly used for planing wood and plastic surfaces. Its planer can be adjusted.

      Grinding machine

      Used for grinding wood. Sandpaper is required.

      Engraving machine

      It is used for trimming, drawing and carving wood.

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